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Hamlet - The Play Group

The Play Group present what is often considered the greatest English language play ever written - Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

This incredible story of treachery and revenge was Shakespeare's most popular play during his time and has enjoyed unparalleled popularity on stage and in film ever since.

When the protagonist Hamlet learns that his uncle has killed his father, the King of Denmark and married his mother, he sways on the edge of madness.

The story is told by the ghost of his father, who urges him to seek revenge. This leads to a series of tragic events which bring about the downfall of the family and the State of Denmark.

The Play Group’s exhilarating, high-speed production involves the public as usual in the action, with moments of high comedy and terrible tragedy to delight the spectators.

The language levels are suitable for all levels of English, from Elementary schools to High schools and Universities.

Students are encouraged to ask questions (in English) after the show about the play or other subjects that interest them.

On booking, teachers will be given pre-show material to help students gain maximum benefit from the show. This includes an introduction to the storylines, themes, vocabulary, exercises, games and audio files to help students’ pronunciation.

Durata: circa 55 minuti

Livelli: tutti (dall’elementare all’avanzato)

Date: dal 12 al 28 novembre 2018

dal 4 al 23 febbraio 2019 

dall’1 al 16 marzo 2019

Prezzo per studente: € 7,50 (€ 8,50 con IVA)

Minimo garantito 100 spettatori per ogni spettacolo

Pagamento: direttamente agli attori a fine spettacolo

Esigenze tecniche: uno spazio libero di circa 6x4 metri, 5 sedie, un tavolino, una presa di corrente, 3 bottiglie di acqua minerale (2 naturale e 1 frizzante) e una tazza di caffè

One of the greatest challenges facing teachers in the EFL classroom is writing, as students are rarely encouraged to write freely. 

Writing is ever more important in the business and social spheres, yet working on this communicative skill can also be fun.

The Play Group’s Creative Writing workshop helps you develop your students’ use of the written language by unlocking their imaginations and boosting their confidence through task-based, interactive exercises, focussing on simplicity and clarity.

These include producing greetings cards and menu-making through theatre games and visual prompts. We help you to help them: developing storylines, dramatic tension and character creation, using their opinions and ideas to stimulate the use of written English.


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